Daniel Hernandez's Portfolio


Daniel's Portfolio

The Colligiate Academy has to helped me by giving me the opportunity of taking college classes during my years in highschool. I saw this as a chance for me to be advanced in both my highschool and college courses. I liked the idea because it means I would graduate with my Highschool deploma and my bachelors digree. In the Colligiate Academy I get to choose between Information Technology, Health Science, or Business Management pathways. I chose the Information Technology pathway and started my college class called Web-Design with Mrs.Ward.

The ftp process is a process that allows you to "go live" on the internet the process takes a couple steps; first you acess your maintainence page, then go to quck access and in the quick access put the ftp code with the url of your maintanence page. Goinng forward logging into your ftp access account, you would have to drag and drop all of the files from the original to the copy. Letting you acces the files from the browser